The Euro Car Glass S.C.Company is a producer of flat and bent toughened glass.

Our adventure in this industry began many years ago. In 2009 we took our first steps as a trading company. The glass processing market fascinated us from the beginning and that is why we decided to develop in this direction. Having gained experience, a passion and a clearly defined purpose enabled us to build up the company and extend it's profile from trading to a production and trading company.

Today we are an independent producer of toughened glass.

Our products are made thanks to a modern machinery park of well known brands. Glass sheets used in the production process come from the prestigious Polish company. 

Euro car glass continues to increase the qualifications of the staff, and also to improve production and technological lines. The main goal of the company is to build a stable and valuable mark, with professional and efficient customer service as well as safe and fast delivery of the finished product. 

Our company cooperates with companies and retail customers from Poland and other countries in Europe.